Latest Travel News for Israel

  • On March 1, 2022, the State of Israel began welcoming all foreign visitors of all ages regardless of their vaccination status. This allows both vaccinated and non-vaccinated visitors to enter.
  • No More Testing Requirements! As of May 20, 2022, a negative COVID test is no longer required before a flight to Israel or upon arrival. (This applies to both vaccinated and non-vaccinated travelers.) Since testing is also no longer required in Israel, there is no need to quarantine for up to 24 hours or until test results came back.
  • Masks are no longer required nearly anywhere. U.S. airline and terminal masking requirements have now been eliminated. Masks have never been required on motor coaches or outdoor areas in Israel, and even most indoor areas no longer require them. Note: It is still not a bad idea to have a few masks available on tour as it is possible to be in a location that still requires wearing one.
  • The antigen test which had been required by the USA for re-entry has been eliminated. As of June 12 travelers no longer need to be tested before leaving Israel or most other countries on their return flight.
  • Saving money! Not only is travel easier with the elimination of vaccination, testing and masking requirements, but this also means passengers are no longer required to spend up to several hundred dollars to cover the costs of these former protocols.
  • Through May 2022 EHT has already had a total of 9 groups travel to Israel.

We are thankful these concerns are now behind us, and that travel to Israel and many other destinations has generally returned to normal. Due to this, we are now experiencing a flood of requests for groups wishing to travel in the spring of 2023 and beyond. We cannot emphasize strongly enough the need to contact us right away since air and land space for many popular dates is rapidly filling up. Note: Our tours are custom designed for tour leaders on their selected dates.

Israel, Greece, Italy and most other top destinations are now greeting the world again with open arms and Ed Hill Tours is welcoming all our tour hosts and friends back. We are ready, willing, and able to serve you and your group with the finest in custom tours.

Israel Pastors FAM Tour Report 2022. Our latest Pastors/Leaders Familiarization Tour departed for Israel on January 17, and it was indeed an amazing tour! A full 10-day tour with all sites open, wonderful hotels and food, and great to be back in Israel with first Pastors FAM tour of Israel in two years. Several of the participating pastors are already scheduling to take groups from their congregations. Below is a report on the FAM tour by one of the pastors.

“I would like to share that Ed Hill Tours did a fantastic job of hosting the pastors’ tour to Israel that I just returned from this week. We had a great experience that went very smoothly. Everything was arranged and taken care of, with an amazing guide, WiFi equipped bus, great food and hotels. Taxes, gratuities and site entrance fees were included in the price, so all you needed to pay for while in Israel are lunches and gifts. Ed Hill was a minister at Zion (Northpoint) Bible College and now his daughter and son in law continue the company. Highly recommend!” Rev. Sharon Frankel