COVID-19 Update

Richard Page & Meredith Hill Page, daughter of founder Ed Hill…veterans of over 200 trips to Israel.

January 7, 2021

Ed Hill Tours believes that travel to Israel and most other destinations will be resuming again this spring. This is the view of many based on vaccinations now being available and the prospect that Covid-19 infections will become significantly lower. As always, the safety and health of our travel guests is of utmost importance and our top priority.
We look forward to traveling together to the Holy Land and other destinations on amazing journeys once again. We thank you, our guests, for your trust in our handling of your travel events.
As you begin to travel again, there will be a “new normal” in place for any destination. We anticipate the following guidelines will be in place for some time in Israel and other countries.
EHT and all travel providers will be required to issue health screening questionaires to each traveler before departure. Travelers may be required by foreign countries and international air carriers to show a negative COVID-19 test within 48-72 hours of departure. Some countries may also require a vaccination for COVID-19. Travelers must carry the official proof of their negative test and/or vaccination. Travelers should also anticipate additional testing for COVID-19 upon arrival or when traveling in some countries.  Temperature checks may be taken at various locations while traveling.
Vaccines. Vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna have now become available – first for medical/healthcare personnel and people who live in long-term care facilities, then for those over 65. Vaccines by several other drug companies are reportedly coming out soon in the US and other countries, and we understand that vaccines will be available to the entire population within a few months. We realize that some people are hesitant to travel anytime soon, while many others tell us they want to begin traveling again as soon as possible. We will continue to monitor the protocols and advice from the CDC and other government sources, and to work closely with our travel partners abroad to determine the safest and best actions to take for all our future travel events.
Israel Travel. Israel recently began vaccinations and we understand that a large percentage of the population has already been vaccinated. Due to this and barring continuing spikes in cases either here or there, we are hopeful that Israel will reopen to tourism in the spring. As of this date, Israeli citizens are the only travelers allowed into Israel. Israel began lifting its lockdown in late May reducing restrictions placed on it’s citizens, schools and businesses. Most historic sites, churches, and national parks reopened. But when a spike in cases has occurred, Israel has acted quickly to put back in place procedures to control the spread. Even without tourism, most hotels are now open with new procedures in place to ensure the highest levels of hygiene and sanitizing. When group travel does resume, it will do so with enhanced safety and sanitation protocols to ensure a healthy travel experience. If you are as eager as we are to return to Israel, you may wish to view our tours already scheduled. Click here to view upcoming Israel tours.
We are in consistent contact with our office in Jerusalem and the Israel Ministry of Tourism. It is apparent that the desire to visit Israel has not lessened, as we are hearing from pastors and tour hosts who wish to schedule new tours for next year and beyond. We are always available to answer questions regarding present bookings or assist you with making reservations for future tours. We will also continue to keep you informed on updates from Israeli authorities on this page. Our normal office hours are 10 am to 5 pm Eastern time Monday through Friday, but hours may continue to vary during this time. However you may email us at tours@edhilltours or call 800.780.7801 anytime. We constantly check calls and emails and will get back to you promptly.
Ed Hill Tours has been making travel dreams come true for Christian travelers since 1962…not only to Israel, but other Christian-interest destinations such as Jordan, Greece, Italy, and various locations in Europe. Note: Although levels have gone up in the last few weeks, Greece has consistently shown very low cases of COVID, and there is a great deal of interest from pastors and tour hosts in “Steps of Paul” tours. Through the years, we have gone through many other “storms”… wars, terrorism, economic downturns, and other health crises. Although COVID-19 is a challenge unlike any other, we believe the expertise we have gained through other crises, has informed our response to this one.
“This too will pass.” We hope that within a very few months, our nation and the world will have recovered from this unprecedented crisis and that the desire for exceptional inspirational travel experiences will be as strong as ever. Ed Hill Tours remains dedicated to the care and safety of those who trust us to operate their travel events, and we will continue to do so with honesty, professionalism, and fairness. Keep your faith strong and don’t stop dreaming of an amazing journey in the not too distant future.

Debunking Israel Travel Myths…

Since it’s inception as a nation, Israel has experienced times of unrest, terror attacks and wars. Yet Israel is actually one of the safest places on earth! For instance, most crime as we know it in the U. S. is not prevalent or non-existent in Israel. Israeli security, both in the country and on ELAL Israel Airlines, is considered by many to be the best in the world. To our knowledge, no tourist visiting Israel has ever been killed. Of course, EHT travel itineraries never go to any area of possible danger, including most cities and towns in the West Bank or anywhere in or near the Gaza Strip.

“I’ve heard it is expensive to visit Israel.” Travel costs to almost anywhere seem to become more expensive every year, and some destinations, such as London, Paris and Tokyo are very expensive. However, compared to those and most other destinations, Israel is still in the moderate category. Prices charged by different tour companies can still vary widely as we’ll explain in more detail later in this blog.

“Large tour company have better tours.” Not necessarily! That’s like comparing the overall quality of a large hotel to a small hotel based only on the size of the building. In comparing tour companies specializing in Christian group travel, EHT is a moderate sized company. Our travel partner in Israel is typically recognized as their largest incoming tour operator. However, simply being a large company is no guarantee of the best travel product, and certainly not the best personal service. For instance, we know of  large travel companies that consistently use older buses, lower level guides and drivers, and less expensive hotels. Why? Because the tour company saves a lot of money using old buses, employing lower level or inexperienced guides, and lower quality hotels. We use only the latest coaches and hotels rated Superior 4-Star and 5-Star in excellent locations, and our guides are experts in the Christian tour, they’re among the most requested in Israel, and have worked with us for many years.

“The hotel you stay in doesn’t really matter since you only sleep there.” Just sleeping in a 2 or 3-Star hotel is usually not a pleasant experience, but groups do much more than just sleep at a hotel. The typical touring schedule means groups are usually at their hotel from around 5 pm until 8 am the next morning. That includes dinner and breakfast, and the better the hotel, the better the food and service. Of course, the budgets of most groups does not include the very finest luxury hotels, but that’s not necessary to enjoy an excellent hotel and very good service.

“The best tour companies include lunches.” Very seldom does a tour host ask EHT to include lunches, but of course we can do so if a tour host wishes to.  However most tour hosts soon realize that the cost of the “free lunches” plus a profit to the tour company will be added to their overall tour price. However a tour company advertises it, that is not a free lunch! When lunches are included, the group will have lunches at pre-selected stops where everyone is effectively paying the same amount for lunch no matter what they eat, even though some will bring their own lunch, or choose to eat nothing. Tour members don’t realize they have already paid for lunches in their tour cost, but the tour company can say they included “free lunches.” As the old saying goes, “there is no free lunch.” The same applies to the “free water” on the bus some companies advertise…an amount was already added into the tour cost!  

“All airlines are basically the same.” Not true. Airline travel in general is certainly not “glamorous” or as easy as it once was. Most airlines put as many seats on their planes as possible to produce more revenue. Of course, the comfort, food, and service is much better in Business Class for those willing to spend considerably more. Most international flights now also have “Premium Class”, which is priced between Business Class and Main Cabin. To save money, some tour companies may use charter flights which typically use older planes, offer less service, and can have long waits at connecting airports…usually not a fun experience! Some tour companies will use flights on an airline that connects in Europe. This can work reasonably well or can be a nightmare! Groups can find themselves with no escort at the connecting airport, and are left to find their way around a huge, crowded foreign airport on their own. Then they must go through a long security line after having gone through one before leaving the U. S. Large European airports such as Frankfurt, London, Paris, or Istanbul can be intimidating to even experienced travelers. That’s why we prefer nonstop flights to Israel on ELAL, United, or Delta from gateways such as New York-JFK/Newark, Miami, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Toronto. EL Al has recently added service from San Francisco, and offers limited schedules from Las Vegas and Orlando. Note: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, most airlines are currently operating many less flights, and travel to Israel is still limited to mostly Israeli citizens. We will update when this situation changes.

“Most tour companies charge about the same prices.” or “Some tour companies offer really good deals.” The old adage, “You get what you pay for” certainly applies in the travel/tour industry. While it is true that airlines usually offer the same rates to various tour companies, hotel rate can depend on loyalty or the volume a tour company does with a hotel chain or individual hotel properties. Prospective tour hosts should be aware of deceptive advertising such as when a tour company advertises a “come on” price that sounds too good to be true, that’s exactly the case…it’s not true! A price stated in LARGE PRINT is usually not the actual price. It can be just the “Land Only” price, which does not include airfare. Or a tour company’s ad may leave out a major item such as the airline fuel surcharge – now termed “carrier-imposed fee.” This fee alone has been $600 to $700 to Israel. Most understand this type of advertising is “bait and switch,” but a first-time tour hosts can easily be deceived. These companies invariably are not able to retaining clients, because once fooled, most will not be fooled again.

“Pastors always add an additional profit margin to their selling price.” Certainly not most or even the majority. At present, most Deluxe 10 or 11-day Israel tours are priced between the high $3000’s to $4500, including air and land, and using very good hotels, 2 meals a day, all entrance fees, etc. To make the tour as affordable as possible for the most passengers, pastors who work with us typically do NOT add an additional profit amount to their tour price. So if you see a 10 or 11-day Israel tour selling for $5500 or more, the tour is either staying at the very finest hotels (Ritz-Carlton, King David, Waldorf-Astoria) or the tour host is adding a hefty profit amount for themselves. While it is not our intent to say that is wrong, it IS our intent to clearly state that significantly higher tour prices do not necessarily mean a tour is higher quality in any way.