Group photos

Group Photos

With hundreds of group photos in our files, it is not easy to pick a few for the website. We’ve tried to include at least one photo of some of our most loyal clients, and a mix of larger and smaller groups.

Combined groups of Pastor J Don George – Calvary Church, Irving, TX & Pastor Maury Davis – Cornerstone Church, Nashville, TN – May 2017


Alpha & Omega/Pastor Alberto Delgado group at Corinth, Greece – October 2017


Pastors FAM (Familiarization) tour – January 2017


Several groups together near Hebrew University – Jerusalem


Covenant Church – Pastor Mike Hayes


Jupiter First Church at Omaha Beach. Normandy, France


Beulah Church of the Nazarene – Dr. Wenton Fyne


Foundations Church – Pastor Carl Sutter


Fr. Clement Machado group – Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem


Jupiter First Church – Dr. Barry Johnson


Alpha & Omega Church – Pastor Alberto Delgado – Petra


Christ Fellowship – Pastor Tom Mullins – Garden of Gethsemane


Metro Life Church – Pastors Steve & Mary Alessi w/ Dan & Martha Munizzi


Maranatha Fellowship – Pastor Darren Powell


Crossroads Community Cathedral – Pastor Terry Wiles – Bethlehem


Covenant Church – Pastor Mike Hayes


Jupiter First Church – Pastor Barry Johnson


Evangel Chapel – Pastor Dennis Rabineau


Rev. Ken Raggio Group


Bethany Assembly – Pastor Richard Adams


Dr. John Maxwell – Southern Steps of Temple Mount


Journey Church – Pastor Kevin Taylor