Reasons to lead a group on a Christian tour

Pastor and Church Member Benefits…

Build a stronger faith in members of your congregation – the Bible comes alive

Tour participants experience increased biblical knowledge

Increased church involvement when members return home

Educate church teachers and build leaders

Church members are better enabled to share their faith

Bonds of fellowship among tour participants

Never read the Bible the same again…increased ongoing Bible study by members

Pastors connect with their church members through a unique shared experience

Renew the faith of those who may be spiritually disconnected

Individual lives enriched with a once-in-a-lifetime Christian experience

Develop a broader understanding of Christians in other countries

Provide an opportunity for members to represent Christ in a foreign land

Develop a new resource for your preaching and teaching

Pastors develop deepened relationships with church members

Pastors find their own spirit renewed

And importantly, pastors travel free based on one free tour with every 5 paying passengers