From Meredith Hill Page


Meredith Hill Page and Richard Page in Jerusalem

Thank you for taking a few moments to allow me to acquaint you with Ed Hill Tours, the nation’s oldest tour company specializing in Christian group travel.

My father, Rev. Edward B. Hill, was a true pioneer of modern-day Holy Land travel. He first traveled to Israel in 1961, and began organizing tours in 1962. Although we offer tours to many other locations, Israel has always been our number-one destination.

I believe we offer the highest level of experience and caring service to be found anywhere. This is reflected in the percentage of our business that comes from client retention and referrals. We work with churches of all denominations and sizes including some of the largest churches in America.

Unequaled experience.  For almost 58 years, Ed Hill Tours has been a respected name in Christian group travel, and we are a recipient of numerous awards from the Israel government. Our staff has a total of over 200 years experience including hundreds of trips to Israel, Jordan, Greece, Turkey, and various European destinations.

A higher-level travel experience.  We focus on providing well-crafted tours, excellent value, and personal service. We design each tour to fit the pastor’s desired travel dates, itinerary, budget, and other considerations or requests. We specialize in deluxe hotels, use only top-level guides, and beautiful new Wi-Fi equipped coaches. Beyond those important tour components, it is our heart-felt desire that what we do provides the platform for an enriching spiritual experience. One of the great joys of my life is being with our groups in Israel and being part of their experience of seeing the Land and hearing God’s Word where it all happened.

Integrity.  1) EHT does not demand a non-refundable deposit just to book a tour as some tour companies do. This is done to “lock” groups in, since these deposits are usually non-refundable. 2) During the tour, our groups are never solicited for extra tips or so-called “optional” touring. 3) We state specific hotels where our groups will stay. Some tour companies name a certain hotel and add “or similar.” The group often ends up at the “similar” hotel, which is any hotel the tour company wishes to consider similar. This is a form of “bait & switch.” The tour company finds a hotel with unused space at the last minute, gets a cheaper rate than they used to calculate the quote, and of course the group never receives a refund. 4) We consider trust to be one of the core foundations of our business, including the protection of information regarding tour leader financials. Our “No Surprises – No Let Downs” policy is a primary reason we have built such a loyal client base through the years.

Professional service and buying power.  Longstanding associations with our foreign land operators assures seamless tours, a high level of service, and unparalleled buying power. IGT, Israel’s largest incoming tour operator, has been our travel partner for over 27 years. We have also worked with our land operators in Greece, Italy, England, and other European locations for many years.

Please check out our entire website. There are photos of many of our tour hosts, groups, friends and travel colleagues. There’s also lots of information under “Resources” on Organizing a Successful Tour, how we can customize your tour, and even tips for long flights.

It is always exciting to hear from pastors and tour leaders who have never traveled with us before, and assisting them in organizing an outstanding tour. When you are ready to explore the options for making your Trip of a Lifetime, please give us a call or contact us by email. I look forward to speaking with you personally.


Meredith Hill Page, President

Ed Hill Tours, Inc.