Founder Rev. Edward B. Hill 1911-2012
Ed Hill Tours was organized in 1962 and is a family-owned Christian tour company specializing in inspirational group travel events for churches and ministries. We partner with church and ministry leaders to prepare highly-customized once-in-a-lifetime experiences for their congregations. Ed Hill Tours was founded on the principle of operating as much like a ministry as a business. Ed Hill genuinely believed and practiced that, we still do, and that will always be our primary focus. We put every effort into crafting our tours with excellence, yet we also care deeply that each individual has a meaningful spiritual experience during their tour. Whether the destination is Israel, Jordan, Greece, Italy, Germany, England or elsewhere, we believe we produce the best tours at the best prices to be found. This includes the most convenient air arrangements, amazing itineraries, best accommodations for the client’s budget, and top-level guides. Basically everything is taken care of because we know that worry-free travel helps to ensure an extraordinary and enriching experience for every participant.