Tour Guidelines & Conditions Overview

Following is an overview of Ed Hill Tours (EHT) Terms & Conditions. These policy guidelines and conditions are considered standard in the tour industry, and apply to all tours regardless of destination. A copy of our full Terms & Conditions is supplied to prospective tour hosts for their review, and to all passengers wishing to enroll in a tour.


A per/seat deposit of at least $100 is required by the airline to reserve the requested number of seats. This is usually due within 5-10 days of our reserving the seats requested by a tour host. This is paid by the church or organization booking the tour. For example, if 30 seats are requested, the deposit is typically $3000 but this is subject to change due ever-changing airline rules. Once a person enrolls in a tour, a deposit is required to reserve their space, and a tour reservation is not considered firm until this deposit is received. Most of our tours are custom…not prepackaged, and deposit amounts are based on the overall cost of a specific tour.  A typical deposit amount can be between $400 and $500.


Our quoted tour prices are based on the best negotiated rates with airlines, hotels and other suppliers. Prices are also based on the foreign currency rate of exchange at the time of the quote. In the event of a significant change in foreign exchange rates, airline or cruise fuel costs, or tariff rates, the tour cost will be subject to revision. Quotes are also based on the tour host’s projected number of travelers. If that number falls below what the quote was based on, the tour price must be increased to compensate for the smaller group size. Since EHT designs custom tours based on the tour client’s preferences and budget considerations, we will never arbitrarily change specified hotels to “or similar.” We will never alter a tour host’s requested itinerary except with their permission or for the reasons given below under TOUR OPERATOR RESPONSIBILITIES.


A single supplement is the charge when only one person, not two or more, is paying the room charge. This charge is added to the invoice of passengers who either request a single room or those who do not have a roommate. EHT will not arbitrarily place passengers together as roommates, but if requested, we will try to help provide a roommate from any other single passengers in the group. However, we make no guarantee that we will be able to do so, and if a roommate cannot be found, the single passenger is responsible to pay the single supplement charge. If a roommate cancels, their cancellation penalties may be applied to the single supplement which now exists due to their cancellation. Otherwise it is the remaining passenger’s responsibility to find another roommate, or pay the single supplement charge.


Except in rare cases, EHT does not arbitrarily deny tour membership to any prospective passenger. We feel that is typically better left to the tour host who is more likely to be familiar with the prospective passenger. However, most of our sightseeing itineraries will at times require a significant amount of walking. Hence EHT requires that any passenger who needs assistance with normal walking, is dependent on a wheelchair, walker, cane, or other device, MUST have a traveling companion, who is responsible to assist them at all times. At certain sites or locations, we may require that the non-mobile person and their assistant, stay behind or take another route than the group. Any additional costs…taxi fare, etc., are the responsibility of said passenger. EHT reserves the right to terminate the tour membership of any passenger displaying disruptive, argumentative, rude, or any other objectionable behavior, including delaying or endangering other tour members, or interfering with the operations of the tour in any way. All costs involved in the early termination of any such passenger including but not limited to: airfare changes, airline change charges, transportation to the airport, phone calls, single supplement charges incurred by a roommate, etc., are solely the responsibility of the terminated passenger and must be paid in cash or certified funds prior to departure. No refunds for unused hotel nights, meals, sightseeing, etc., will be made under any circumstances.


Costs to obtain passports or visas, travel insurance, travel expense to or from departure airport or cruise terminal, excess baggage fees, extra transportation required to transport luggage which does not fit on a bus, sightseeing other than included in the itinerary, meals not included in tour program, and any item of a personal nature such as phone calls, laundry services, beverages other than those included with meals. All COVID testing costs – pre-trip and at the destination, are the sole responsibility of the passenger. NOTE: Gratuities to hotel staffs, and guide and driver are included in the tour price as a separate line item. We do not “pass the hat” at the conclusion of the tour for the guide and driver. Our guides and drivers are skilled professionals and deserve to be compensated accordingly.


As a wholesale tour operator, EHT works directly with various airlines and cruise lines to arrange the best group fares available for the tour host’s requested dates of travel. A passenger who wishes to cancel or change their flight or cruise arrangements are subject to cancellation or change fees based on the airline/cruise line’s policy. Passengers who cancel their entire tour are subject to cancellation fees according to airline/cruise line cancellation policy and EHT cancellation policy per our Terms & Conditions. Airlines/cruise lines are not responsible for any act, omission, or event when a passenger is not on board a plane/ship including weather-related events. EHT is not responsible for any airline/cruise line charges, fees, or additional costs a passenger may incur due to airline/cruise line schedule changes, flight delays, or missed connections for any cause. Air and cruise schedules are subject to change at the discretion of the airline/cruise line, and EHT has no control over airline/cruise line policy or schedule changes, and is not responsible for compensating passengers for any expenses incurred due to any airline/cruise line event.


Ed Hill Tours strongly advises that passengers purchase travel insurance as most U.S. issued health and medical plans do not include coverage while abroad. It is also important to have travel insurance to cover trip cancellation, lost luggage, other covered medical expenses, or emergency flight schedule changes. The cost of this insurance is based on the total cost of a tour. EHT does not sell travel insurance, but makes policy applications available from a well-known and reputable company.


Minors traveling with only one parent or no parents must have a certified letter of permission from the parent or parents not traveling…this is presented at airport check-in. All international travel requires a current passport, and many countries (including Israel) require that a passport be valid for at least 6 months after the return date. The name on your airline ticket must appear exactly as shown on your passport. It is a good idea to have at least one photocopy of your passport’s face/information page in a separate place in case your passport is lost. Photocopies of your passport or any other form of identification is not acceptable for travel, however this will facilitate replacement of a lost or stolen passport. A visa is not required by Israel and other nations for U.S. or Canadian citizens. Citizens of other countries are responsible to fulfill the entry requirements (visas, etc.) of their destination country, and should contact that country’s local consulate for information. For detailed passport information please click on the following U. S. Government link.


It is the sole responsibility of the passenger to provide positive identification in the form of a current passport, any required visa(s), or other documentation at the time of airport check-in. Although airline security has been stringent for a number of years, travel to Israel and most foreign travel requires a brief interview with security personnel. Due to their excellent security, ELAL Israel Airlines is known as the safest airline in the world, and EHT has used ELAL for many years for our tours to Israel. When traveling to Israel, passengers should expect to be asked several questions by security personnel. They are designed to ensure the safety of the flight and passengers, and should be answered simply and of course, truthfully.


Ed Hill Tours (Tour Operator) agrees to arrange the custom tour program as decided upon by the Pastor/Tour Host. This includes transportation, accommodations, and sightseeing arranged through independent suppliers and contractors including but not limited to airlines, cruise lines, foreign land operators, motor coach operators, hotels, restaurants, and sites to be visited. These providers are independent contractors and are not agents, employees, servants, or affiliates of EHT. All travel documents issued are subject to the Terms & Conditions of the supplier and the laws of the countries in which the services are supplied. This represents the entire agreement between the passenger and its agent – the Tour Host, and the Tour Operator. Except as stated herein, no person is authorized to cancel, modify, or vary the tour arrangements or to make any representation of warranty concerning the tour. Except for the willful negligence of its direct employees, EHT/Tour Operator assumes no liability or responsibility for any injuries, damages due to circumstances beyond the control of Tour Operator, or by any person for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to default or omission of, and by any third party providing services or facilities related to or included in this tour or any part thereof, or in arranging for the same, or acts or omissions by the Tour Host/Pastor. EHT reserves the right to alter or make changes in the itinerary due to extenuating circumstances beyond our control including political unrest, or any situation we deem could negatively impact the tour group. EHT is not responsible for any expenses this may incur including a refund or compensation for missing a site, loss of time, or any incident resulting from any change. EHT is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal property, injury, theft, or unforeseen expense incurred by any tour member.  Airlines or cruise lines are not to be held responsible for any act, omission or event during the time the passengers are not on board planes, ships, or other conveyances. EHT will not be responsible in any way for: (a) flight schedule changes, mechanical breakdowns, government actions, weather, acts of God, acts of war or aggression declared or undeclared, hijackings, or other circumstances beyond its control. EHT is not responsible for compensating a group or any member of a group for costs incurred for a missed flight or flight connection due to any circumstance. Payment of the deposit, or any partial or full payment for a reservation constitutes consent to all provisions of our Terms and Conditions.


Final payment for most tours is due no later than 45 days before departure. The deposit and subsequent regular payments may be made by check, cash, money order, American Express, VISA, or MasterCard. Note: A 3% fee is applied to all credit card payments. EHT reserves the right to require that the FINAL payment be made by check, money order, certified draft, or cash. In the event that a timely final payment is not received by EHT, a late fee of $100 may be charged. The passenger is responsible to pay all expedited mail/shipping charges incurred by EHT resulting from a late final payment. In the event of a passenger enrolling in the tour within 30 days of departure, full payment is due immediately by certified draft or cash, and all expedited mail/shipping charges are the responsibility of the late-enrolling passenger. EHT also reserves the right to charge a minimum late enrollment fee of $100 for any tour enrollment within 30 days of departure. We make every reasonable effort to work with a passenger’s circumstances when properly communicated to us. However, in the event that final payment is not received by the due date, and the passenger has not communicated with us in any manner, and cannot be reached within 3 days after the due date, EHT reserves the right to consider the passenger’s tour membership cancelled, and cancellation penalties per our Terms & Conditions will apply.

NOTE: If we don’t enforce any provisions in this Tour Guidelines and Conditions Overview in one instance, that doesn’t mean we won’t or can’t enforce those provisions in any other instance.