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New Israel Support Missions/Tour Programs

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Ed Hill’s great-grandson meets Holocaust survivor
Visiting with wounded soldiers at Sheba Hospital

Ed Hill Tours took its own Solidarity & Support Mission to Israel February 26 – March 6. It was gratifying to be able to give aid and comfort to wounded soldiers, the displaced, Holocaust survivors, and those who had lost family, friends, homes, and all their belongings. Team members took extra suitcases packed with clothing, shoes, toys, and other needed items that we donated at several locations including Friends of Zion Heritage Center and King of Kings Congregation. Our activities were “hands-on”…we engaged in projects such as picking thousands of oranges that would have gone to waste, cleaning a Christian school, giving food vouchers to displaced families, and visiting an evangelical church in Bethlehem to support Palestinian Christians.

We certainly do not seek acclaim or praise for giving to the needy (Matthew 6:1-4), yet we do hope to inspire others to do something similar to support Israel during this difficult time. We want tour leaders who are interested in taking a mission to know that it’s safe to go to Israel right now! We know that can be difficult for many people to understand, but we know first-hand that it’s true. We can provide the names and contact information of pastors and team members who went with us who will be happy to answer questions about the mission itself and about safety.

Because we feel so strongly about supporting Israel at this crucial time, EHT is offering two unique new programs designed for pastors and leaders who wish to host either a Solidarity/Support Mission or a Holy Land Tour combined with elements of a Solidarity/Support Mission. Since these are custom programs, we will only be able to quote exact prices when travel dates and the expected number of participants are known.

Program #1 – A Solidarity & Support Mission. This program will be very similar to the mission EHT took recently. Activities and benevolence locations to visit will be developed wherever the need is greatest at the time of the trip. Click here for Solidarity/Support Mission Detailed Itinerary

Pastor Arlin Smith donating quilts at City of Life Ministries in Sderot
Pastors praying with the principal of CFI school in Jerusalem

Program #2 – Holy Land Tour plus Solidarity Mission. This program is designed to be a slightly shorter than usual Holy Land tour while combining important biblical sites with solidarity/support activities. This is a unique and never-before-done program yet the itinerary and level of accommodations can be customized according to a tour host’s preferences. Holy Land Tour plus Solidarity/Support Mission Detailed Itinerary

After looking over both programs and itineraries, please contact us by email at: or toll-free at 800-780-7801 with questions. We look forward to helping prospective hosts learn how they, church members, and friends can be involved in a such a rewarding aid and benevolence experience. Or consider combining that experience with elements of a Holy Land tour designed for both first-timers and those who have gone to Israel before.

Regarding safety: Our first priority at Ed Hill Tours is the safety of our groups. The primary conflict with Hamas has been located in only a portion of southern Gaza. Although the needs of many Israelis are still great, life in most of the country goes on somewhat normally…people go to work, freeways are busy, markets and restaurants are busy. Note: At the conclusion of our recent mission in Israel, we asked if anyone had felt unsafe at any time. Without exception, every member said they had felt absolutely safe at all times wherever we were.