Straight Talk and Top Reasons to Travel with EHT

  • Experience…Since 1962, Ed Hill Tours has been crafting exceptional tours to Israel, Greece, Italy, Turkey, and various Christian-interest and sightseeing destinations in Europe. With nearly 60 years in Christian group travel, we know of no other company that can match our years of  experience. Our staff has made nearly 300 trips just to Israel escorting hundreds of groups. We are known for integrity, high quality tours, and caring professional service.
  • Integrity.  1) EHT does not require a non-refundable deposit to book a tour. This is a practice some tour companies use to “lock in” their groups, since no tour leader wants to forfeit their deposit. 2) Misleading advertising. Most prospective tour hosts, including pastors and ministry leaders, are not initially aware than some tour companies advertise just a “Land Only” price. That can be particularly deceptive when that fact is not stated where it can be easily seen, and is difficult to find unless you “dig” through their website, or discover it in the fine print at the bottom of the advertisement. When the airfare is added, the price will usually be at least $1000 more. (We make Land Only prices available to passengers who wish to use airline miles or credit card points.) 3) Some tour companies do not include the “Carrier-Imposed Fees” (aka “Fuel Surcharge”) in their advertised price…it’s hidden in the fine print. As of this writing, the Carrier-Imposed Fee round-trip New York to Israel is nearly $700. We want our prospective clients to know the full price up-front and not feel they were misled in any way. 4) Many of our tour leaders request specific hotels and our groups always know exactly where they are staying…we never add “Or Similar.” When a tour company adds “Or Similar” to a named hotel, they are able to place groups in almost any hotel they wish…and it’s usually where they get a better last-minute deal. Of course no reduction in the previously quoted price is passed along to the group. This is another form of bait of switch. 5) Our groups are never solicited during their tour for extra tipping. We include all gratuities for hotel staffs, guides and drivers as a separate item in the tour cost. We use the best guides guides and drivers and believe they should be paid fairly. We absolutely DO NOT pass the hat at the end of the tour when tour members are most likely running low on money. 6) We do not offer so-called “Optional Tours” such as Masada or a “Night Tour” of Jerusalem. Plainly put, “optional tours” are an extra profit gimmick. With EHT, all sites, such as Masada, are already included. 7) Some tour companies advertise “Free Lunches” or “Free Water on Bus.” The truth is – it’s not really free…it’s already included in the tour cost. So everyone has paid the same amount, no matter what they eat for lunch, if they choose not to eat, or how much water they drink.
  • Nonstop flights to Israel and European destinations. We use nonstop flights on major airlines from U.S. gateway cities. (If requested, we can arrange stop-overs or sightseeing extensions in various European destinations.) When a flight stops in Europe with a change of planes, there is usually no escort to meet  them. The group must find it’s way through a large foreign airport and go through a long security line, possibly missing their connecting flight or spending considerable time sequestered in a transit lounge. Not fun!
  • We use the very best guides. The knowledge, temperament, and overall professionalism of the guide is vital to the success of any tour. Our guides have worked with us for many years, and they are true professionals that understand the high level of guiding and service that we require for our groups. They are among the most in-demand guides for Christian groups and are known for their expertise in Bible (both Old & New Testaments), history, archaeology, and current events.
  • Client retention. Over 90% of the pastors and tour leaders who travel with us become repeat clients. Approximately 75% of our new clients are the result of referrals from present clients. We work with large and small churches of all denominations and various ministry organizations. Whether it’s a small group, or 100 passengers or more, we treat every tour and each individual passenger with the utmost care and professionalism.
  • No Surprises – No Letdowns – This policy is a primary reason we have built a loyal client base through the years and receive so many referrals!