Top 5 reasons to travel with EHT

  • Experience…Since 1962, Ed Hill Tours has been crafting exceptional tours to Israel, Greece, Italy, Turkey, and other Christian-interest destinations. With over 57 years in Christian group travel, no other company can match our experience. Our staff has made over 250 trips just to Israel escorting hundreds of groups. We are known for integrity, high quality tours, and caring professional service.
  • No bait and switch.  Some tour companies may state just the Land Only price in their headline/teaser price. But when the full cost of the tour is calculated, including airfare, the real tour cost is significantly more…much more. We do offer a “land only price” option to passengers who wish to use airline miles or credit card points. A tour company’s advertising may not include the fuel surcharge (“carrier-imposed fees”) in their headline price. They show it only in the fine print. As of this writing, carrier-imposed fees from New York to Israel  still average nearly $700. Again, not an insignificant amount. We would rather our prospective clients know the full price up-front. We also name the specific hotels your group will be using. We do not name a certain hotel followed by “or similar.” It seems the policy of some tour companies is to name a very good hotel followed by “Or simile.” The hotel you actually find yourself in may not be similar at all. This allows the tour company to place groups in almost any hotel where they  can get a better last-minute deal. The tour company saves money and of course, does not pass it along to the group. In reality this is simply a form of bait of switch. One of our core principles through the years has been No Surprises!
  • Nonstop flights to Israel and European destinations. We use only nonstop flights on major airlines from U.S. gateway cities. (Of course, we can arrange stop-overs or sightseeing extensions in various European destinations if requested.) We do not use charter flights. These are typically on older planes, service is poor, and they may include 1 or  2 stops. Even when a well-known airline is used with a stop in Europe, the group must find it’s way through a large airport, go through long security lines, and may spend a great deal of time in a transit lounge waiting to board the next flight. Not fun…especially for groups!
  • We use the very best guides. The knowledge, temperament, and overall professionalism of the guide is vital to the success of any tour. Our guides have worked with us for many years, they are true professionals that understand the high level of guiding and service that we require for our groups. They are among the most in-demand guides for Christian groups and are known for their expertise in Bible (both Old & New Testaments), history, archaeology, and current events.
  • Client retention. We keep our clients. Over 90% of the pastors/tour hosts who travel with us become repeat clients. Approximately 75% of our new clients are the result of referrals from present clients. We work with churches large and small, and numerous ministry organizations. Whether it’s a small group, or 100 or more, we treat every tour and each individual passenger with the utmost care and professionalism.