Meet some of our top guides

Gershon Priewer

Yossi Dagan with Meredith Hill Page

Avi ben Yosef & Shlomo Eyal

Ami Segal (L) with Dr. Paul Conway

Chaim Maoz

We use Israel’s finest guides – Christian tour specialists who are among the most in demand to guide Christian groups. The overall knowledge, professionalism and temperament of the guide is vital to the success of a tour, and our guides are all exceptional. Most have worked with us for at least 15 years…some up to 45. They understand the high level of guiding, service, and care we require for our groups. Of course, they are all licensed professionals, and tour members are amazed by their knowledge of both the Old and New Testaments, as well as their expertise in archaeology, history, geography, current events, and the cultures of Israel and the Middle East. But guiding is much more than what is learned in guiding school and simply disseminating copious amounts of information. It is also about personality, temperament, and the experience to know how to handle any situation in a professional manner. The primary mission of each of our guides is to make your journey to the Holy Land an experience of a lifetime.