“Friends and Family”

Candid photos of family, tour hosts, travel colleagues and special friends.

Rev. Edward B. Hill – founder of Ed Hill Tours
Ed and Sylvia Hill on his 98th birthday
Richard & Meredith Page on Mount of Olives
Richard Page & Meredith Hill Page
Plaque at Northpoint (formerly Zion) Bible College honoring Edward & Sylvia Hill
Ed & Sylvia Hill with daughters Portia (L), Meredith and Richard Page
Judi Amaral, EHT Operations Manager for over 30 years and husband Joe
Daughter Suzanne Page at Capernaum
Ed Hill granddaughter Camie Buell & Dr George Callahan, pastor, friend, tour host
Ed Hill’s great-grandsons Aiden & Corbin with Santa himself.
Jimmy, Corbin, Camie, Aiden Buell
Son Jonathan Page – Breakfast with Dad, Four Seasons Hotel, Irving, TX
Dinner in Dallas with son David Page & wife Tish
Daughter Suzanne & grandson Anthony
Pastor Barry & Barbara Johnson on tour in Normandy, France
Long-time tour host, Pastor Mike Hayes, with IDF Captain & Richard Page at Tel Dan, Israel
Dear friend Pastor J. Don George at 45th Anniversary Celebration as pastor of Calvary Church
Dr. Barry Johnson looking over Jerusalem from Mt. of Olives
Dr. John & Margaret Maxwell back from Greek Isles cruise (they stole Corbin’s lamb!)
Pastor Don & Gwen George, Rev. Alton & Johanna Garrison, Mr & Mrs Don Headlee in Mykonos, Greek Isles
Pastor Maury & Gail Davis with Richard Page at Caesarea.
Pastors Darren & Tami Powell and Terry Hogue on original steps to Mt Zion
Dr George Wood & Pastor Tommy Barnett
Long-time tour host Karen Swanson (L) of Hearts for Israel & Christine Prince.
Friends & tour clients for over 20 years, Pastors Alberto & Mariam Delgado – Petra, Jordan
Meredith Hill Page and Dr. David Arnett President of Northpoint (formerly Zion) Bible College
Tour leader Rev. Ken Raggio
Longtime friends Pastor Lynn Hancock & Gail Davis, wife of Pastor Maury Davis
Pastor Stephen & Erica Hayes at Caesarea
With Pastor Wayne Hilsden & Dr. Mike Evans at Friends of Zion Museum Jerusalem
Dr. Faith Fredrick, Mary Alessi, Meredith Hill Page
Fr. Clement Machado visits Ed Hill
Pastor Todd Mullins on Via Dolorosa
Dr Patrick Gallagher & Meredith with the “Mt. of Olives donkey” (& driver).
Pastors Dick & Adam Bernal baptizing Pastor Steve Hage.
Meredith Page with John Noseworthy & Nick Canawati in Bethlehem
Pastor Jerry Barnard, a friend for over 50 years
Dear friend Big John Hall at Pastor Marvin Gorman’s Homegoing Celebration
Tour hosts Pastor Richard & Pat Adams at Garden Tomb
Back in 1999 with friend Paul Ferrin
Pastor Stephen Hayes of Covenant Church at Garden Tomb
Dr. Wenton Fyne of Brooklyn in Caesarea
Andrae’ Crouch – a friend since 1966
IHC Tour coordinator & pianist Jon Plank in Bethlehem
Danny Hamani (L) and Benny Sivan of IGT with Meredith Hill Page. Dear friends and our operator in Israel for nearly 30 years.
Sisters Martha Munizzi & Mary Alessi sing at Roman theater in Caesarea
Christos Sahinoglou, Director of Inspired Voyages Travel, our partner in Athens
Long-time friends Pastor James & Linda Letizia
Christian psychologist Dr. Nancy Vrechek in Nazareth
Fr. Don Finney of St. Peter Catholic with Meredith Hill Page
Rev. David Wynns & Pastor Richard Sfameni – Mount of Beatitudes
Israeli guides and friends Avi BenYosef (L) and Shlomo Eyal
Paul Holevas, President of Inspired Voyages, our operator in Greece.
Meredith Hill Page – dinner with Johanna Garrison & Gwen George
Dr Kirk McCormick in Jerusalem
Long-time friend Dr Ross Collette at Bet She’an
Pastor Kevin Taylor in Bethlehem – excellent musician
Back to the 90’s…Doug Oldham & Richard Page at Druze restaurant on Mount Carmel
Meredith’s birthday dinner in Jerusalem with friends Mike, Kathy & Stephen Hayes, Michael, Lillian, Maher & Amira Canawati of 3 Arches, Danny Hamani & Suzanne Yosef of IGT, guide Gershon Priewer & lead driver Uri Chuna.
Guide Ami Segal & Dr Paul Conway
Benny Sivan, dear friend and owner of IGT, our operator in Israel.
Pastor & Mrs. Dale Faircloth
Pastor Tommy Barnett at General Council – Orlando
Pastor Arlin Smith at original Mt Zion steps
Old friends – Michael Canawati & lead driver Uri Chuna at 3 Arches Bethlehem
Pastor Kevin & Marcia Myers of 12Stone Church in Corinth
Pastors Guy Parrish & Brian Smith at Southern Steps
Ramzi Sahdi, our lead guide in Bethlehem
Danny Hamani, manager of IGT Sunrise
David & Nicole Binion at Jordan River baptism service
Carla Bernal – first camel ride!
Suzanne Hinn, Vicki Yohe & Richard Page
Gershon Priewer, long-time friend and guide
Corbin gets a hug from John Maxwell in Corinth
Gospel singer Vicki Yohe…we go way back.
Yuval Lufan (L) discoverer the “Jesus Boat” in the Sea of Galilee. With Pastor Terry Hogue, long-time tour host.
Dr Kenton Sparks of Eastern University, St. David’s, PA