Meredith Hill Page & Richard Page
Dr. Edward B. Hill, Founder | 1911-2012

Welcome to the Ed Hill Tours website!

We invite you to check out the information on the site…our history as the nation’s oldest Christian tour company, our destinations, upcoming tours, tour host testimonials, and a photo gallery of groups, pastors, family, friends, and colleagues. Under Resources you will find helpful information on how to organize a tour, travel tips, and tour guidelines & conditions. Enjoy!

For information and updates on the effects of COVID-19 on travel, please go to COVID Update in the header. We are pleased that nearly every tour scheduled for spring or fall of 2020 has rescheduled for dates in 2021 and 2022. We are available and eager to answer questions and assist with future travel planning, and can be reached toll-free at 800.780.7801 or email tours@edhilltours.com. As always, our number-one priority is the safety, well-being and comfort of our clients/guests.

We are encouraged that there is now an end in sight for the pandemic, yet in days that are still uncertain, many pastors and tour leaders are contacting us to discuss future travel plans. So keep dreaming of an amazing journey yet to come!

Meredith Hill Page and Richard PageĀ 


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