“Friends and Family”

Candid photos of family, tour hosts, special friends, and travel colleagues.

Rev. Edward B. Hill – founder of Ed Hill Tours
Ed and Sylvia Hill on his 98th birthday
At Sea of Galilee
Richard & Meredith Page on Mount of Olives, January 2018
Ed & Sylvia Hill with daughters Portia (L), Meredith and Richard Page
Daughter Suzanne Page at Capernaum



Ed Hill’s granddaughter Camie Buell & Dr George Callahan, longtime pastor, friend & tour host
Ed Hill’s great-grandsons Aiden & Corbin with Santa himself.
Jimmy, Corbin, Camie, Aiden Buell
Son Jonathan Page at Four Seasons Hotel, Irving, TX
Dinner in Dallas with son David & Tish Page
Daughter Suzanne & grandson Anthony


In France with close friends Pastor Barry & Barbara Johnson during tour.
Dear friend Pastor J. Don George at 45th Anniversary Celebration as pastor of Calvary Church
Long-time tour host & good friend Pastor Mike Hayes, with IDF Captain & Richard Page at Tel Dan, Israel
Pastor Steve Alessi prays at Western Wall
Dr. John & Margaret Maxwell just back from Greek Isles cruise (they stole Corbin’s lamb!)
Pastors Darren & Tami Powell and Terry Hogue on original steps to Mt Zion
Dr George Wood & Pastor Tommy Barnett
Long-time tour host Karen Swanson (L) of Hearts for Israel & Christine Prince.



Great friends & tour clients for 20 years,┬áPastors Alberto & Mariam Delgado – Petra, Jordan
Rev. Ken Raggio
Long-time friends Pastor Lynn Hancock & Gail Davis, wife of Pastor Maury Davis


Pastor Stephen & Erica Hayes at Caesarea
With Pastor Wayne Hilsden & Dr. Mike Evans at Friends of Zion Museum
Dr. Faith Fredrick, Mary Alessi, Meredith Hill Page
Fr. Clement Machado with Ed Hill
Pastor Todd Mullins – Via Dolorosa
Dr Patrick Gallagher & Meredith with Mt. of Olives donkey driver
Pastors Dick & Adam Bernal baptizing Pastor Steve Hage.
Meredith Page with John Noseworthy & Nick Canawati in Bethlehem
Pastor Jerry Barnard, a friend for over 50 years
Dear friend Big John Hall at Pastor Marvin Gorman homegoing celebration
Pastor Richard & Pat Adams at Garden Tomb
Great minister of music Paul Ferrin
Pastor Stephen Hayes of Covenant Church at Garden Tomb
Dr. Wenton Fyne of Brooklyn in Caesarea
Andrae’ Crouch – a friend since 1966
IHC Tour coordinator & pianist Jon Plank in Bethlehem
Sisters Martha Munizzi & Mary Alessi sing at Roman theater in Caesarea
Christos of Inspired Voyager Travel, our partner in Athens
Long-time friends & tour hosts Pastor James & Linda Letizia
Christian psychologist and dear friend Dr. Nancy Vrechek in Nazareth
Fr. Don Finney with Meredith Hill Page
Rev. David Wynns & Pastor Richard Sfameni – Mount of Beatitudes
Paul Holevas, President of Inspired Voyages, our operator in Greece.
Johanna Garrison, Gwen George & Meredith Hill Page



Dr Kirk McCormick in Jerusalem


Dear friend Dr Ross Collette at Bet She’an


Pastor Kevin Taylor in Bethlehem – excellent musician
Going back…Doug Oldham & Richard Page at Druze restaurant on Mount Carmel
Meredith’s birthday dinner in Jerusalem with special friends Mike, Kathy & Stephen Hayes, Michael, Lillian, Maher & Amira Canawati, Danny Hamani & Suzanne BenYosef of IGT, guide Gershon Priewer & lead driver Uri Chuna.
Guide Ami Segal & Dr Paul Conway
Benny Sivan, great friend and owner of IGT, our operator in Israel.
Pastor & Mrs. Dale Faircloth
Pastor Tommy Barnett at General Council – Orlando
Pastor Arlin Smith at original Mt Zion steps
Old friends – Michael Canawati & our lead driver Uri Chuna
Pastor Kevin & Marcia Myers in Corinth
Pastors Guy Parrish & Brian Smith at Southern Steps
Ramzi Sahdi, guide in Bethlehem
Danny Hamani, manager of IGT Sunrise
David & Nicole Binion at Jordan River baptism service
Carla Bernal – first camel ride!

Suzanne Hinn, Vicki Yohe & Richard Page
Gershon Priewer, friend & guide for many years
Corbin gets a hug from John Maxwell in Corinth
Well-known gospel singer Vicki Yohe…we go way back.
Yuval Lufan who discovered the “Jesus Boat” in the Sea of Galilee with Pastor Terry Hogue, long-time tour host.
Dr Kenton Sparks of Eastern University in Bethlehem